Electro Surgical Generators

Meeting surgeon's needs in the wide range of general procedures and in specialties including Gynecology, Urology, Neurology, Thorasic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Four modes in CUT

  • PURE CUT- A high-frequency alternating current yields smooth, rapid cuts that evoke little to no hemostasis
  • BLEND 1 - Preset blended cut modes give the surgeon varying degrees of hemostasis in cut mode.
  • BLEND 2 - The mode is used for the vaporization of prostatic tissue or any fat tissue. The higher output wattage gives fast cutting effect of the tissue.
  • ENDOCUT- The mode is used to automatically control cut system to reduce the complication rate of endoscopic sphincterotomy (EST) and serum hyperamylasemia after EST compared to the conventional blended cut mode.

Four modes in COAG

  • SPRAY - spray output is made for direct coagulation at the tissue with spark. Above spark does not give any cutting effect as its CREST FACTOR is high.
  • FORCE-Pure coagulation.
  • FULGURATE- Sparking the tissue to lead to coagulation. There is no tissue-electrode contact; rather, voltage is raised in order to incite a spark between electrodes in order to coagulate the tissue in between.
  • DESICCATE - Coagulation in which the active electrode is in direct contact with the tissue is referred to as desiccation and is the type of coagulation used in most surgeries It ensures pinpoint desiccation with less destruction of peripheral tissue.

Bipolar feature

When generator is switched to bipolar mode; all the Monopolar activities associated with hand-switch or foot-switch, are automatically stopped to prevent uncalled burns. Bipolar provides coagulation without charring, adhesion and blanching of adjacent tissues

Four modes in BIPOLAR

  • MICRO - High voltage force coagulation for special purpose when speed is required.
  • MACRO - for highly precise control over coagulation process and privations of carbonization.
  • CUT - Bipolar CUT technology lets you nearly eliminate excessive current, even during precision cutting in minute tissue structure.
  • AUTO MODE coagulation start by pressing the footswitch and stops output and audio signal automatically when the tissue is coagulated.
  • Separates Monopolar and Bipolar mode with individual foot-switches.
  • 99 program modes: User settable program mode.

Safety Features

  • Body Protected and cardiac protected design. Patient Plate Alarm Systems
  • HF Leakage current 150ma

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